Autism Resource Centre (Singapore)

Autism Resource Centre (Singapore) or ARC(S) is a not-for-profit charity based in Singapore and registered in year 2000. It was started by professional and parent volunteers dedicated to serving children and adults with autism to help them lead meaningful and independent lives in society.


ARC(S)'s Mission
To help individuals with autism maximise their potential in life through advocacy and provision of services in education, employment and empowering of family caregivers / professionals.


ARC(S) adopts a co-ordinated, multi-pronged approach to serving individuals with autism through awareness, advocacy and empowerment.



    Highlight the needs of individuals with autism and to increase understanding of the disorder.


    Advocate for a wide range of services that will enable individuals with autism to maximize their potential.


    Empower individuals with autism, their parents and caregivers as well as the professional team, through education and training.

To ensure individuals with autism realise their maximum potential with the support of their caregivers and professional team, ARC(S) provides a wide range of core services including: